‘RHOA’ Kim Zolciak Getting Sued by Her Own Mother

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Kim Zolciak and her mom seem to fight and bicker a lot, but the latest is just unbelievable. Her mom is suing her so that she can see her grandchildren.

Kim’s mom filed a lawsuit against Kim, “demanding visitation right of her grandchildren, and publicly claiming that she hadn’t even seen her new grandson since his birth.”

Well, who can blame Kim? Her mom is a bit nuts and does not respect anything Kim says at all. Why would she allow her to be around her kids. Also, it is Kim’s choice who is allowed to see her kids. The kids are happy, healthy and being raised well so her mother should really just back off and let things be. If she was not so pushy, maybe Kim Zolciak would have no problem letting her spend some time with her grandkids.

For now, her mom should have just backed off and gave Kim some space. Filing a lawsuit against her is just going to make things worse.

Kim Zolciak Poses With Her Family at Her Graduation

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