‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Denies Leaving Dog Behind At Rented Home

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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore must really have angered her former landlord, who claimed that Moore wasn’t paying the rental checks, because it sounds like she is still coming after her. Supposedly, she is being accused of leaving her dog behind, but she is now proving that her dog is indeed with her now. This morning, she posted a video of her dog, proving that Velvet was not abandoned in her old rental place.

According to a new tweet released on Sept. 18, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is now revealing that she did not leave her dog behind even though new reports claim that she abandoned her dog Velvet in her old apartment. “Me and Velvet today #liesloserstell #loveofmylife,” she tweeted this morning. She was being accused of leaving the dog behind, which was bothering the neighbors. Many expect that it is her former landlord who is spreading rumors and lies about her to make her look bad. “Thank god! I didn’t believe it when I read it! Sue that landlord bitch for lying about you!” one follower wrote to her.

Kenya shared a video of her dog on Twitter to deny any accusations she was facing this morning. She seemed rather surprised that she was being accused of leaving her dog behind, considering she moved out over a month ago. That would mean that the dog would have been left for a long time alone.

Are you surprised that she still has her dog Velvet with her?

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