‘RHOBH’ Taylor Armstrong Dating a Married Russel Look-Alike

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Taylor Armstrong dating again is not exactly newsworthy, but the fact that her new beau looks almost exactly like her dead husband Russel Armstrong definitely makes it a bit creepy.

After her abuse allegations against Russel, one would think that she would want to get as far away as possible. Wouldn’t dating someone that looks so much like her ex-husband kind of remind her of him? Taylor has always done some odd things, but this has to be the weirdest of all.

Taylor’s lawyer claims the two are not seeing each other. Her dating a married man is not very exciting gossip.

Now, one has to consider how her daughter will react to mommy dating a man that looks so much like daddy. The child is no doubt a bit traumatized over her father committing suicide. Taylor Armstrong will hopefully shield her daughter from her new Russel look-alike and start looking for a man that can truly give both of them a fresh start.

Taylor Armstrong

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