‘RHONJ’ Caroline Manzo Downsizing to an Apartment?

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Caroline Manzo is planning to take her husband and daughter and move into an apartment, leaving their huge house behind. Rumors are flying about possible financial troubles, but when it comes down to it, Caroline says she just does not need that big house anymore.

Her boys have moved out and her daughter likely will not be living at home much longer. It does make sense to move into a more manageable home.

Caroline tweeted, “Apartment 4 me/hubby/Lauren Manzo — checking out the lifestyle — b4 we sell house.”

This is a smart move too. The economy is down and it no doubt is not cheap to maintain their current home which is quite massive.

The apartment they choose will likely not be a normal apartment in terms of size and amenities. Caroline Manzo is sure to choose something that still offers luxury and is rather spacious. She and her hubby are closing in on retirement age, so hopefully they find something that they can fully enjoy those years in.

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Caroline Manzo

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