‘RHONJ’ Caroline Manzo Talks Teresa and Danielle Feuds in Her Book

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Caroline Manzo has a book coming out and she is dedicating some of that ink and paper to Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub.

Caroline was asked about whether or not she would dish about her former friend Teresa and her always enemy Danielle Staub. Caroline responded, “Without a doubt. I talk about that too and how that affected me. Because in my reality, that would have never happened. I would’ve chosen to walk away and just stay out of that person’s life but because you do the show you’re around them. You don’t have the option.”

This ought to be quite interesting. Danielle has not been on the show for quite some time and she probably has not been in the ladies lives either. So, Caroline Manzo mentioning her does not make a lot of sense. Now, her drama with Teresa is in the present. It will be fun to learn more about their feud and maybe some juicy secrets too.

Maybe she will spill why she really hates Tre and why she never liked Danielle. A sentence in a cookbook and a bad feeling just do not make sense. There has to be something else going on.

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