‘RHONJ’ Jacqueline Laurita Officially Cuts Teresa Giudice Out of Her Life

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It’s about time Jacqueline Laurita officially cut Teresa Giudice out of her life. Teresa clearly only cares about herself and has no interest in supporting Jacqueline during the hard times she is having with her daughter, or any other hard times.

Jacqueline not only made it clear that she and Teresa are no longer friends in her eyes, but she also shared a few other interesting bits of information that further proves that Teresa is a selfish and just plain mean person.

“[She] sabotaged business dealings and said things behind my back that really upset me,” said Jacqueline Laurita. She continued, “she wanted us to help make Melissa look bad on camera. It got ugly. Teresa’s hatred is very deep.”

It is clear that Teresa is very jealous of Melissa. She also seemed incredibly bitter that both Jacqueline and Caroline liked Melissa and got along well with her.

Jacqueline should have cut Teresa out of her life a long time ago. However, it is never too late to remove negativity, and it is certainly better late than never. Jacqueline appears to be a sweet and caring person and she does not deserve to be treated so horribly by Teresa.

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