‘RHONJ’ Joe Giudice Heading to Jail

Joe Giudice has been putting off jail for quite some time and have been trying to make a deal with Passaic County. The judge in the case is putting his foot down and not allowing Joe and his lawyer any more time with this. They have until June 27, 2012 to get their final agreement together.

Joe will still be spending some time in the slammer, though, regardless of what agreement is reached.

The Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Jay McCann, states, “some sort of jail time will be part of any plea offer, as the charges are too serious to allow a probation-only sentence.”

This specific case that Joe Giudice is fighting has to do with him frauding the DMV by using his brother’s info to score a driver’s license. Joe’s license was suspended at this time.

What will Teresa do? Well, her brother did offer to help her and her girls in any way he could. He seemed very sincere, and he loves his nieces. Perhaps Teresa will eat a slice of humble pie and take him up on his offer this time.

Joe and Teresa Giudice Enjoy Niagara Falls

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