‘RHONJ’ Kathy Wakile Talks Teresa Giudice’s “Hurtful” Comments

Teresa Giudice appears to constantly be talking about someone or something that she really shouldn’t. Her most recent episode of verbal diarrhea involved Kathy Wakile, one of the few people still wanting to help and understand her.

Teresa made comments about how Kathy hated the fact that Rosie—Kathy’s sister—was gay. Watching the show, it appears that Kathy is actually quite comfortable with this fact and she loves her sister. Plus, Rosie is by far the coolest chick on the show.

Kathy commented on Teresa’s latest accusations with, “I can’t tell you how hurtful it was to hear her say those things, especially after we had such a promising lunch. Last week, Teresa wanted to move forward, but she is making that incredibly difficult.”

Kathy Wakile Wears a LBD to the ClubhouseKathy really should just leave Teresa Giudice in the dust like everyone else seems to be doing. Teresa does not deserve kindness and understanding when she is so unwilling to give these considerations herself.

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