‘RHONJ’ Lauren Manzo Talks Weight Loss Surgery with Bethenny Frankel

Lauren Manzo has been all over the media talking about her weight loss surgery. She appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s show Bethenny yesterday, along with her mom Caroline Manzo, to talk about life and her weight loss.

Lauren lost 35 pounds since September 2011. She says her family was behind her all the way. The fact that her family essentially made fun of her for her weight is a bit sad. She claims this was done in love, but how loving is calling someone a “chunkamunk.”

“It’s definitely easier for me to lose weight now than it ever was, but at the same time I don’t care what anyone else has to say to me about you took the easy way out or you shouldn’t have done that. I have done every diet, I’ve struggled my entire life I started to go into depression and now I’m happy,” said Lauren Manzo.

Body beautiful: Lauren Manzo said having gastric band surgery was the best thing she ever did on BethennyIt is a bit sad that losing 35 pounds was the only thing that made her happy. Yes, carrying around extra weight can be a burden, but she should have other things in her life that make her happy too.

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