‘RHONJ’ Melissa Gorga Will Not Let Teresa Giudice Ruin Her Family

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Melissa Gorga is done playing nice with Teresa Giudice. In Napa, the two were getting along then it seemed that almost immediately after returning, the stripper drama started and all of that progress was lost.

With the reunion less than two days away, fans are jumping out of their seats waiting to see how truly bad things have gotten. The previews have shown knock-down drag-out fights between Teresa and all of the ladies. Fans can be sure that Melissa and Teresa will have their own drama to sort out.

Melissa Gorga and Her Family Enjoy the Beach“I live my life by three words: trust, loyalty and respect. I have forgiven and forgotten many things, but I will not let anyone, whether it is an aunt, cousin, sister mother—I don’t care who it is—ruin my family,” said Melissa Gorga.

It is terrible that Melissa is being put through the ringer by Teresa Giudice and that Joe Gorga has been so betrayed by his sister. Hopefully, the reunion will bring some closure to everyone involved so that they can move on and be happy.

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