‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Gets Sisterly Advice from Melissa Gorga

Teresa Giudice was given some sisterly advice by Melissa Gorga on the Napa trip. On this trip, Teresa and Melissa went for a stroll on the beach together and had a rather honest and equal conversation. Naturally, Teresa was defensive, but not as defensive as she normally is. She also kept her mouth shut for the most part when Melissa was talking.

“I think she [Teresa] appreciated it and actually tried to listen to me. I felt good walking away from that conversation,” said Melissa.

Whether she truly got through to Teresa or not remains to be seen. This conversation was the first one where Teresa was not yelling and stomping away, so this appears to be progress.

Teresa Giudice did state that the rest of the Napa trip would end a lot different than it began. Since it has been pleasant so far, fans can only think that perhaps everything Melissa has worked so hard to achieve will be completely lost.

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Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice Chat By the Pool

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