‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Gives Up on Therapy with Her Brother

Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga finally attended a therapy session to try and repair their relationship. During the session, Teresa pretty much said that she was not at fault for anything. After one session, Teresa decided that therapy was not the route for her.

Teresa said, “she didn’t need therapy because already knew everything the therapist told her. Plus, she thought the therapist didn’t like her.”

That is Teresa being Teresa and blaming everyone else when things do not work out. Joe appears to be willing to do just about anything to get the family back together, but Teresa Giudice is just too busy playing victim and blaming others.

The therapist was obviously a bit nuts to suggest that Teresa did not treat people right. How dare he give his professional opinion! Teresa will continue on with her selfish ways and will continue on not having anyone because she treats everyone like they are below her.

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