‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Is a Liar According to Her Brother Joe Gorga

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The stripper drama continues and the episode has not even aired yet! Teresa Giudice is now being called a liar by her own brother. Fans had to see their getting along not lasting very long. Who knew it would only take a few episodes for the lovefest to end though.

A source is saying, “Teresa denied telling her father that and said she just heard it was a rumor, but Joe’s mind was already set — he didn’t believe his sister.”

Given Teresa’s track record for lying and flip-flopping and Melissa’s track record for being rather honest and trying to be nice to Tre, it is a no brainer that Joe would take his wife’s side.

What Teresa Giudice is denying in this instance is telling her dad that Melissa used to be a stripper. Melissa says she was just a bartender, but honestly, who cares if she used to strip. Being a stripper does not make her a bad person and has nothing to do with who she is today.

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Joe and Melissa Gorga

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