‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Is Just Bitter and Jealous, According to Lauren Manzo

As the castmates were RVing around California, Lauren Manzo had something to say about Teresa Giudice when she, Jacqueline, and Caroline were talking about Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship.

“Inside she’s just a bitter, jealous person,” Lauren said.

Lauren tends to stay out of the adult business, so it says a lot when she makes a statement like that. She is Caroline’s daughter, but is far more sensitive, so one would think she would remain neutral. Maybe she is upset about how her aunt Jacqueline is being treated by Teresa and is finally going to step in to let her know that she is better off without her.

Lauren ManzoAfter the talk Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline had, it is clear that Teresa has no intentions of admitting to any fault. She pretty much put the blame on Jacqueline. Perhaps Lauren is right about the jealousy thing. Teresa would naturally be jealous since Jacqueline has a happy marriage, money and friends.

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