‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice ‘Putting on Boxing Gloves’ for Reunion Show

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Rumor has it that Teresa Giudice has not seen the other ladies for a year, so the reunion show is sure to be explosive. After watching this season, it is clear that she and Caroline are definitely not friends. She treated Melissa, Kathy and her brother poorly. And she and Jacqueline flip-flopped a few times.

Teresa says she is ready to face the cast and get the reunion going.

“Teresa [Giudice] is putting the boxing gloves back on. She is all about keeping her cool and throwing digs at the cast. She cannot stand any of them. She will NEVER let them see her fall,” a source reveals.

If Teresa Giudice’s plan is to throw digs at her fellow castmates, drama is sure to follow. Fans can only imagine the things that will come flying out of her mouth at the reunion. She will surely target Caroline as their feud has been the most evident this season. No doubt she attacks Melissa and Kathy too as family does not seem to matter much to her.

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Teresa ready to fight back?

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