‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Says Joe Giudice was Remorseful over His Outburst

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey know that Teresa Giudice has put up with a lot with her husband over the years, especially the last two years. DUIs, bankruptcies, and a new cheating rumor every week is a lot for a woman to handle. Teresa may not be the best to her friends, but she is undeniably loyal to her husband.

There have been back and forths with whether she would leave Joe Giudice if he is indeed cheating. The next episode will finally feature that much-anticipated phone call between Joe and a mystery caller. Now, fans will have to wait and see how it plays out on the show, but Teresa Giudice says that she and Joe have already watched the episode and that he is showing remorse for his actions.

Teresa Giudice claims that, “he was like, ‘I can’t believe I ever said that’.” This does not sound like Joe, but fans will have to take Teresa’s word for it. It would be nice if Joe is finally showing his wife a little respect.

Teresa Giudice

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