‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Says She is Happily Married Despite Reports

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Teresa Giudice claims that her marriage to Joe Giudice is great and perfectly happy, despite so many rumors and signs stating otherwise.

Joe has called her horrible names, one of their daughters made a comment about them sleeping in separate beds and Joe lost his cellphone in another woman’s car. Sounds so happy, right?

It seems more like Teresa is afraid to be divorced and alone so she is just tolerating Joe’s disgusting behavior and curious actions.

“There’s no trouble in our marriage, Joe and I are happily married. You can’t listen to everything that’s out there,” said Teresa Giudice.

Of course, there are certainly plenty of mistruths circulating throughout the media, but when there are dozens of things being said, it is inevitable that a few things be true.

Hopefully Teresa Giudice’s marriage is just peachy because she really cannot afford to lose another friend. Fans will likely see more questionable behavior from Joe as the season continues.

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