‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Sending Out Rumors About Melissa Gorga?

Teresa Giudice is not shy about blowing things out of proportion. Some recent rumors have been going around about Melissa Gorga and many suspect Teresa is the one starting them.

The first rumor involved Melissa supposedly excluding Joe and Teresa’s parents from Antonia’s recent birthday party. The other big rumor going around is that Melissa never has birthday parties for her kids.

A Twitter follower of Melissa tweeted about the accusations. Melissa retweeted this tweet. The tweet says, “@melissagorga Also ‘Not even cake at the house’ Who else was obsessed with ‘birthday cake’ & parties this year. Wonder who their source is.”

The above tweet may not be referring to Teresa Giudice, but this is not likely. Who else has a target on Melissa’s head? Who else has talked about cakes and presents over the last two seasons? The truth will likely come out eventually and Melissa will know for sure who the “source” is that is feeding these rumors to the public.

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