‘RHONY’ Aviva Drescher is Annoyed with Ramona Singer

Aviva Drescher is finally starting to get annoyed with Ramona Singer. On the latest episode, some of the ladies headed to Miami and this included a dip in a rooftop pool.

Aviva has an issue with heights so being up at the pool bothered her at first. However, Ramona started in about Aviva getting her leg wet and this helped to distract her from worrying about how high up they were.

“Here I am about to get into a pool with a bunch of women and Ramona starts to go on and on about whether or not I should go swimming. Then as soon as I am in the pool, Ramona soon enough is insisting that I get out of the pool because my leg is going to get too wet? Once something is wet, it’s wet. . .Am I missing something here,” said Aviva Drescher.

Ramona kept going on and on about Aviva getting her leg wet. Aviva would certainly know best about how much water she should be subjecting her prosthetic leg to. She was just trying to relax and have fun with the other ladies, but Ramona kept being obnoxious and loud about how Aviva needs to get out of the pool and keep her leg dry.

It really is a miracle that it took Aviva this long to start getting annoyed with Ramona. She has been beyond obnoxious all season, but Aviva is finally starting to understand why the other ladies like to keep their distance.

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