‘RHONY’ Aviva Drescher Says ‘Fans’ Are Not for Her

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Aviva Drescher made a splash in her first season of the Real Housewives of New York City. She had some infamous fights and plenty of phobias to keep everyone entertained. However, she is now saying that she is not a fan of “fans,” pun intended.

“No fans 4 me! ‘Fans’ r for singers, dancers, actors, artists,” says Aviva. “I do appreciate your kindness and support!”

She does not like the term “fans” and this is okay. However, what did she expect when she decided to put herself on television? Some people will like her and be able to relate to her.

Aviva Drescher claims that she mostly joined the show so that she could gain support for amputees. Well, she should have considered that some people would become a fan of her because of this.

Did she mean anything rude by saying she does not like the term “fan?” No, but it certainly could come off that way, especially to those that do not really know her well.

Aviva Drescher With Her Daughter at DivaLysscious Mom's Halloween Spooktacular & Stellaween

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