‘RHONY’ Aviva Drescher Says St. Bart’s Trip Had Sex and Drugs

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Aviva Drescher was not happy when she made it to St. Bart’s. Ramona and Sonja were being their usual obnoxious selves and things went from zero to drama in about five minutes.

After going on that not-so-relaxing vacation, Aviva remarked, “We do more filming, and on vacation that microphone never comes off. There was a lot of drugs, sex and rock’ n’ roll.”

She quickly said that nothing illegal happened, so perhaps the drugs she was talking about were the large amounts of alcohol being consumed.

In terms of sex, fans know that Ramona took off with Tomas, but it is also possible that Luann did too. She denies it of course.

Aviva Drescher is normally rather calm, so to see her as she was was definitely quite odd. Perhaps she needed some of that alcohol that was floating around. Either way, the episode was entertaining and things are sure to only get better from here.

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