‘RHONY’ Aviva Drescher Wants an Apology from Ramona Singer

It is clear that Aviva Drescher is growing tired of Ramona Singer’s behavior. While they were friends at the start of the season, Ramona’s obnoxious comments and insincere kindness and compassion have gotten under Aviva’s skin.

Ramona made a very unsavory remark about Aviva’s deceased mother and because of this she is demanding an apology. Many fans to took to Twitter backing Aviva up. However, in true Ramona fashion, she believes that she is completely innocent.

Aviva responded to Ramona with, “you did and it was disgusting. You owe my entire family an apology. And not just for insulting my mother.”

Ramona didn’t reply and she probably never will because she is a narcissist and completely selfish. Ramona probably thinks she was completely right in the comments she made, though they were incredibly disrespectful. Hopefully, Aviva Drescher will just cut her losses and move on. Afterall, with friends like Ramona who needs enemies.

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Aviva Drescher

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