‘RHONY’ Heather Thomson Edited to be Villain on the Show?

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The Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson has been labeled as the villain of the show because she is hinting that she doesn’t want to make an effort in becoming friends with Ramona Singer. Ramona has been vocal about wanting a friendship with Heather, but the desire to work things out has not been returned. Now, former RHONY cast member Alex McCord weighs in on the feud. She believes that Heather isn’t the mean person she is made out to be. She blames editing for the ‘villain’ title she has earned herself.

In a video recap of the show, Alex explains that editing made Heather look condescening when speaking with Aviva in the part. She is made to look mean when speaking with the other women, but when she is giving some ‘sweet’ time when she ends up going to the doctor’s office with her son. It sounds like editing is making The Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson look bad.

Alex McCord is just theorizing that the producers are trying to show two sides to Heather, but there could be something to her theory. Of course, someone has to be the villain. On previous seasons, there was so much drama that fans could just take sides and the villains were automatically created. However, this season is slow, so what better way than to edit in a villain?

What do you think of this new season? Do you like Heather for her honesty or do you agree with Alex that perhaps editing is making her look bad?

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