RHONY: Ramona Singer Goes for a Butt Treatment

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A sneak peek of Monday’s RHONY episode reveals that former body builder Ramona Singer just isn’t all that happy about her butt cheeks. So she does what any sane wealthy woman does; she gets a sensuous massage and a butt firming injection.

She and her friend Sonja Morgan made their way to the local cosmetic spa, where Sonja decided to get her already flat belly worked on. Ramona doesn’t think her derrière doesn’t look young enough, although her friend says it looks “great.” Of course, that isn’t good enough for the beauty obsessed 55-year-old. She wants her bottom to be flawless.

Got to look her best: The reality star tries to firm up her butt with a beauty treatment

In the scene, Ramona pulls her leggings down to reveal hot pink panties while lying on her stomach. The clinician tells Sonja that “she’ll be having an orgasm” as another cosmetic expert works on Ramona’s already perky posterior with vibrating pads. As a massage pad quickly works its way to the inner thigh, she nearly jumps off the table in delight, giggling about how something just nearly went up her naughty bits.

In a moment that possibly revealed a bit too much of their friendship, Ramona’s friend said that watching her get her butt treated was making her horny. Oh, the horrible, stressful life of a wealthy New York housewife!

Watch the clip here of RHONY’s Ramona, if you dare.

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