‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer is “Mean’ and “Insensitive,” According to Aviva Drescher

Ramona Singer has been putting her foot in her mouth since the season started. Aviva Drescher is now saying that Ramona is mean and insensitive when it comes to her prosthesis.

Ramona was laughing when Aviva was showing her her leg. Aviva is quite good about dealing with questions about it and she surely has not let being short a leg stop her in any area of her life. However, it does have to be a bit hurtful when she gets a reaction like she got from Ramona.

Aviva said that Ramona’s reaction was “insensitive”. She added that, “as Ramona got really mean, I sat there frozen. I should have defended Heather, and I am sorry to Heather that I did not.”

Heather and Aviva are perfectly cool. Aviva apologized and Heather accepted. However, it is unlikely that Ramona Singer will recognize how inappropriate she was to Aviva and apologize to her. Ramona seems to think that she herself can do absolutely no wrong.

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Aviva Drescher and Ramona Singer at Dinner in Season 5, Episode 6

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