‘RHONY’ Sonja Morgan’s History with Prince Albert of Monaco

Sonja Morgan is not shy about name-dropping. She has talked about a variety of royal folks that she has spent time with. Now, there is some proof. Pictures have surfaced of Ms. Morgan spending time with Prince Albert of Monaco back when he was known for his love of partying.

By looking at the photo below, it is obvious that this was not taken recently. It is good to know that Sonja was being honest about her royal ties, though.

The Prince married in 2011 and it is unknown whether or not he and Sonja keep in touch. One thing is for sure though, Prince Albert and Sonja Morgan look rather chummy in the picture. The two probably had some really great and wild times when they used to hang out.

With this picture out there, it is only a matter of time before Ramona Singer does something to try and top it.

Sonja Morgan With Prince Edward Mangope & Prince Albert

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