‘RHOOC’ Alexis Bellino’s Husband Jim Says the Ladies Need to be Nicer to Alexis

Alexis Bellino was the center of much controversy this past season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Her friendship with Gretchen fizzled and she just seemed to have a bigger ego.

Her husband Jim claims that the ladies should be nicer to Alexis. It seems that he thinks that she can do no wrong and is never in the wrong.

Jim said, “be nice. That’s all. Just be nice. You know, they’ve all apologized to her off-camera, but they won’t do it on camera. I don’t know why.”

Perhaps the confrontation is Costa Rica was a bit much. They could have chosen to confront her one-on-one, but Alexis Bellino is not innocent. She acts like she is better than everyone else and this is what the ladies were trying to explain to her.

Throughout the seasons that she has been on the show, she has made many remarks about how great her tons of money is, how great her clothes are and just about how she is just downright awesome.

Alexis did bring a lot of the drama on herself. Not saying she is completely at fault, but her horrible attitude had a lot to do with it.

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Alexis and Jim Bellino at the Star Magazine

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