‘RHOOC’ Gretchen Rossi Putting Work Before Slade’s Very Sick Son?

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Gretchen Rossi is practically a saint for putting up with Slade all of these years. His sick son cannot make things any easier. Rumor has it that Gretchen has been working herself to death as Slade’s son is ill. However, this rumor is rather deceiving.

Gretchen continues to work extremely hard throughout all of this, but this has not stopped her from supporting Slade and his son.

A fan tweeted to Gretchen asking if she every took a break. Gretchen replied, “Not really! :) I need one though!”

Gretchen RossiGretchen Rossi definitely deserves a break. Slade’s son is currently fighting for his life after having brain surgery. Gretchen is likely working this hard so that Slade can dedicate every minute of his time to his son. This is quite honorable of her and shows that she is not a selfish woman. So, yes, Gretchen is working very hard during this difficult time, but her actions are not malicious. She is just trying to help in the best way that she can.

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