‘RHOOC’ Gretchen Rossi Shares Her Fitness Secrets

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No one can deny that Gretchen Rossi takes care of herself. Now, she is telling fans exactly how she stays red carpet ready. Her methods seem to simple to be true, but she swears by them.

“Drinking cold water will help increase your metabolism and may help you lose weight,” she says. “Since your body needs to work to heat up the cold water, it will in turn burn calories and increase your body’s metabolic rate resulting in more energy.”

She also talks about bike riding, keeping dumbbells around the house and taking frequent walks.

What Gretchen Rossi is doing is definitely working. She is toned and fit, but she is not obnoxiously thin like some of the other Housewives.

A balanced lifestyle really does seem like the easiest way to stay healthy. Trying to carve out an hour a day to exercise just is not practical for most people. Gretchen fits fitness in throughout the day to help her stay trim and toned.

Gretchen Rossi Shows Off Her Figure at the "Bling Beach" at Tao Beach Venetian Hotel and Casino

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