RHOOC Slade Smiley Talks About Deadbeat Dad Comments and His Job

Slade Smiley is probably the most popular and controversial househusbands that this show has seen over its time on the air. Numerous Real Housewives of Orange County have made comments about Slade’s failure to pay child support and failure to have a job. Slade is now firing back saying these comments are hurtful.

“The most disheartening was obviously the whole ‘deadbeat dad’ accusation,” says Slade. “That was the hardest on me, because I had full-custody of my kids, and I fought for full custody of my son. So to have his medical condition brought into this and have people assume that I was a deadbeat dad all of a sudden, that was the most difficult.”

Slade Smiley also claims that he works in real estate, but that the economy has greatly impacted his income-earning power. He also claims that the folks calling him a deadbeat dad also negatively impacted his business. He said they hurt his feelings and his ability to financially provide for his son.

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi Pose Together in Los Angeles on September 26, 2011So, basically he is blaming others and the economy for his child support struggles. He should just go get a job at a fast food restaurant or retail store to help support his child. Any non-celebrity in dire straits would not be too proud to serve up burgers or ring up groceries. Slade needs to put his ego aside and be willing to do anything to care for his son. Thankfully, Gretchen seems smart enough to not marry this guy because he just seems a bit on the shady side.

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