‘RHOOC’ Tamra Barney Is Heartbroken, but Why?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney may not be very apologetic for her behavior on the show’s reunion when she called Alexis Bellino ‘Jesus Jugs,’ but a recent tweet does indicate that she does feel bad and heartbroken over serious issues. Perhaps she doesn’t think that Alexis’ phony attitude and the drama on the show is a big deal. Of course, she did make comments that Alexis thought were hurtful—not only to her, but the entire Christian community—and she demanded that Tamra apologize for her behavior. But several Christian women tweeted Tamra, explaining that they were more offended with Alexis’ ‘holier than thou’ attitude in comparison to Tamra’s ‘Jesus Jugs’ comment.

The drama on the show doesn’t seem as serious when comparing it to the shooting in Colorado on Friday night. The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney decided to watch the coverage yesterday instead of issuing the apology Alexis demanded from her. “Watching the news about shooting in Colorado. How heartbreaking! Praying for victims and their families,” Tamra tweeted. Clearly, her heart was in the right place yesterday.

Tamra hasn’t addressed Alexis’ wish of an apology, but it likely won’t happen. Tamra is stubborn and she just said what was on her mind. And since hundreds of fans of the show have reached out to her in support of the ‘Jesus Jugs’ comment, Tamra isn’t likely to issue an apology to all Christians for her comment that suited Alexis so well.

Do you think Tamra should apologize? Or is there more important issues to be concerned about?

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