‘RHOOC’ Tamra Barney Mocks Alexis Bellino’s Demanding Ways on Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney was one of the reasons why new stories about the housewives were brought to light. Not only did she reveal that Vicki had woken up naked to a strange man while traveling in Costa Rica, but she also contributed to the story about Alexis Bellino being rude to the crew. In fact, even employees in the local Nordstrom store said that Alexis had been super rude. Of course, none of the story could be proven true at the time of the reunion, but it sounds like Tamra is now mocking Alexis’ rude behavior to the Bravo crew.

During the reunion, Alexis denied ever bossing the Bravo crew around. However, when Alexis had to prove that the Fox Five network had never asked Gretchen Rossi to host the fashion segments, Alexis rudely asked, “is someone going to get my emails or do I have to get them myself?” People may not have thought twice about the question if taken out of context, but given they had been talking about how rude Alexis had been to the crew, the statement was interpreted as being demanding.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney had asked her Twitter followers what they thought about the reunion show and one follower replied by mentioning Alexis’ rude behavior. “Alexis proven point “Are you going to bring me my email or do I have to get it myself!”. I would have made her get it herself,” the tweet read. Tamra retweeted the tweet, as one of the only ones from fans. In other words, what a great way to bash Alexis for her demanding ways and bossing around of the Bravo crew.

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