‘RHOOC’ Vicki Gunvalson’s Boyfriend Brooks Blames Editing for His Reputation

Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks has had a major impact on this season. He has added layers of drama and controversy. Now Brooks claims that the only reason he looks bad on the show is because of editing.

Someone should tell him that attacking his girlfriend’s former BFF is not going to make him look good regardless of how he spins it.

“I am very much a man….You have no clue. It’s reality tv ! #edited I am with my children now!,” says Brooks.

He spends so much time being cheesy with Vicki and defending himself against everyone else’s accusations that it is hard not to think that this guy is the problem. Vicki Gunvalson should really be on alert with him.

She is a smart woman and hopefully does not agree with him that editing is solely to blame for his reputation. When everyone is against him, there has to be something about him that is the problem.

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