‘RHOOC’s’ Vicki Gunvalson Denies Cheating on Donn

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In the ongoing cheating saga of The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson, Vicki finally speaks out about the cheating rumors. While she contradicts her earlier statements on the issue, she emphatically denies cheating on Donn with Brooks Ayers.

In attempt to do some damage control, Vicki is taking time out to respond to cheating allegations made last week by one of Brooks’ ex-girlfriends. Debbie Keane, who started dating Brooks in 2005, says Vicki has known Brooks for years and Keane says she actually confronted Vicki way back in 2007 for flirting with Brooks at a conference. Even though Vicki said just two weeks ago that she has only had three dates with Brooks, she is now changing her story. According to Reality Tea, Vicki Gunvalson is now saying she and Ayers have dated for the past eight months; eight months ago, Vicki filed for divorce from Donn.

Vicki recently got the chance to deny she knew and hung out with Brooks during her and Tamra’s Cabo trip shown this season. On Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live! a viewer calls in to ask Vicki if Brooks was the man in the pool during filming of the Cabo trip. In response to the question, Vicki says, “Oh, God no!” Although filming of the Cabo trip may have taken place before Vicki filed for divorce from Donn, was it filmed before or after Vicki wrote the August 2010 letter trying to get Ayers out of jail? If she wasn’t involved with Brooks and didn’t know him before filing for divorce, why did she write the letter for a man she didn’t know and who appears to have been skirting his child support obligation, a move she seems to loathe in other men, such as Slade Smiley?

With contradicting statements coming from Vicki Gunvalson, and Brooks and Donn staying mum on the situation, fans may never know the truth of whether Vicki truly did cheat on Donn; however, maybe this situation will make Vicki think twice about being so judgmental of others without knowing the whole truth.

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