Rhotacism: The “R” Factor

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Do you suffer from Rhotacism? If you do, you’re in good company. The recent  Elmer Fudd Geico commercial has brought this malady to light. While Elmer may be the most famous  sufferer, Barbara Walters has issues as well, not to mention just about anyone from New England.  If you haven’t caught on by now, Rhotacism is the inability to pronounce the letter R.


For example: “You Wascally Wabbit” , “This is Baba Waltas”, or, as Gilda Radner used to say “This is Baba Wawa”.

 For the record, the letter “R” is the most difficult to pronounce, and the last sound learned by infants who are starting to talk.

 There are several schools of thought in “curing” this minor malady, but personally, I like it.  I can remember having a long discussion in Boston with a waitress on the difference in pronunciation of the term “car” and the term “Carr”(as in Vickie). She argued relentlessly that there was a pronunciation difference, but all I heard was “Caa”.

I guess you had to be there.

 But, really, don’t you think the guy who named this could have named it something that starts with about any letter but “R”.

 “I Suffa Fwom Wotacism”….Really?

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