Rhyme Sublime Prompt – Week 5

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The Rhyme Sublime prompt for week 5 is to write a poem using 20 words. I enjoy Genre Shorties and decided to follow a similar concept for this week’s prompt. No particular form needs to be used. The poem simply needs to be 20 words, no more and no less. This does not include the title. Keep it to twenty, you’ll see it’s just plenty! Find my example of this week’s prompt here.

Last week the Week 4 prompt for Rhyme Sublime was to write a love poem. With Valentines in mind, February is the season of love. The results prompt were impressive and included a few Catena Rondo in accordance with another prompt from Mindful Poetry. If you have not written a Catena Rondo yet, give it a try (it’s fun and you’ll learn something). The guidelines are here.

Let’s check out what everyone at Rhyme Sublime wrote for Week 4:

I Love You Sweetie! – william d

My Forever Love (re-post) – Elsie Duggan

Prompt 4 – Endings and Beginnings – Robin A.

Come to me, my sweet dove – Rhyme Sublime Week 4 Prompt – Irina Dimitric

Rhyme Sublime – Week 4 Prompt…”Love”…02/07/2012 – Barbara H.

Lover’s Morning Toast – Alice G.

Rhyme Sublime Poetry Week 4 “Our Love” (This is for you John!) Heather C.

Elusive Love – Priscilla P.

“Valentine” for Mindful Poetry and Rhyme Sublime Poetry – Granny Janny

Love Storms at Sea – Rhyme Sublime Prompt Week 4 – Stacey Mamasaid

Love is certainly an inspiring topic with a myriad of different and compelling responses! In honor of Valentine’s Day, Rhyme Sublime is showing a little love to everyone who participated in the Week 4 prompt. You will all be featured this week so we can share some love together, whether fleeting or forever! It’s a sweet variation from the three usual featured poets in the previous weeks, meant to inspire everyone.

Please check out the other talented and inspiring submissions at Rhyme Sublime. Remember my statement from last week to read Susan Budig’s post hereto find out more about the Mindful Poetry prompt and how to write a Catena Rondo. Please post your responses at both Mindful Poetry and Rhyme Sublime, adding Rhyme Sublime to your tag line. I will feature three responses throughout April in honor of National Poetry Month. These will be in additional to the three weekly poets featured answering the Rhyme Sublime prompts in April.

Remember this week’s prompt is to write a rhyming poem of exactly 20 words. Submit with the tag line Rhyme Sublime. Limit your words, you will see, how easy it can be!

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