Rhyme Sublime (Week 1 Prompt)

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Short and snappy

sad or happy

rhyme sublime

make some time

a long ode

let it flow

just one rule

rhyme’s the tool.

© Stacey Mamasaid 2012 All Rights Reserved

I started a new Gather group for poets who love to rhyme. I can’t resist rhyme and want you to join me! The group is moderated so only rhyming poetry is included. New rhymers and seasoned poets are welcome. All you need to do is rhyme and have a good time at “Rhyme Sublime.”

Each week I will feature a new topic to rhyme about. This week the topic is simple – “Rhyme.” At the end of the week, I will feature three poems that I feel show rhythm, rhyme and flow before I post a new topic There’s no “write” or wrong, just sing-song at “Rhyme Sublime.”

WEEK 1 PROMPT:  Write a rhyme about rhyme.  It can be funny, serious or anything you want it to be.  Any length is acceptable, including haiku.  Let’s see what we can say about rhyme!  Based on originality and reader response, three top selections will be posted next Monday when a new prompt topic is given.  It’s time to have fun, rhyming everyone!

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