Rick Harrison from ‘Pawn Stars’ is Living with Four Women

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Everyone who loves “Pawn Stars” knows that Rick Harrison is one sexy devil otherwise why would the program be so popular? Oh yeah, the items that come into the shop are pretty interesting too but Rick does have a certain something about him. Apparently his fiancée, Deanna Burditt, and her three teenage daughters think so as well.

Yes, according to the Huffington Post, Rick is engaged and living with the love of his life and her three daughters. “I have three boys, she has three girls — we’re literally the Brady Bunch!” Harrison said.

Harrison does have three sons of his own. It’s true, Corey, who works with his dad and grandfather at the pawn shop, is one of three. Living with all the women might be nice but it’s hard work too. “If you live in a house full of women, they’re a lot more brutal about making you clean up than a house full of guys!”

Life is good for Rick. Not only is he going to be married soon and wind up with six kids but his very popular television show, “Pawn Stars,” has been renewed for another 80 episodes! It’s been a few weeks since the show went on hiatus but it will be returning to the History Channel in early November.

In the meantime ladies, if you see Rick walking around in Las Vegas make sure to say hello but remember, the man is taken.

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