Rick Perry Admits “I’m Not Politically Correct”

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Rick Perry isn’t surprising anyone when he says he is not politically correct; but that is definitely what his new campaign video is all about. After a major fallout where the presidential candidate bashed gays in the military and President Obama, Perry is now saying that his political incorrectness is just what people need in Washington. Perry makes claims that Washington insiders are bankrupting America and that the government is giving aid money to opposing countries. The whole reason he points these things out is to say that it is not politically correct to mention them in Washington.

The governor of Texas has confused what politically correct means. Political correctness has nothing to do with not mentioning corruption within the national government. While it is great that Perry wants to bring these things to light, he has yet to show anyone how he will change the status quo and after his last video there is little chance he will even get a chance. It seems that Rick Perry is now out to spend all the campaign money he has raised on videos that do little to change the public’s view of him.

Sadly, he won’t run out of campaign money anytime soon so everyone will be subject to more of his videos. At least there are plenty of people standing in the wings ready to create parody videos that draw a laugh after the head shaking everyone is doing following a Perry campaign video.

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