Rick Perry Attends NYC Fashion Week

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Instead of attending to business in fire-ravaged Texas, Rick Perry attended New York City’s Fashion Week. It isn’t exactly surprising that Governor Goodhair would want to party with fashion icons and celebrities, but this kind of behavior just doesn’t sit well with his constituents back home who are suffering the after effects of one of the worst natural disasters in recent history.

On Friday night, during a campaign stop in New York, Perry hooked up with Donald Trump, and the two guys had dinner at the posh Jean-Georges restaurant, where they discussed China and the job crisis. At least, that’s what Trump said they discussed, but who knows what they really talked about, because, even after spending an entire evening with Rick Perry, Trump still got his name wrong. He called him “Jim.” You can view a photo of Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Kathy Lee Giffords and Sherri Hill here.

Anyway, the point is, Perry and Trump didn’t end their evening with dinner and political mumbo-jumbo. They decided to go to Fashion Week where they saw runway models prancing down the catwalk in pieces by Sherri Hill. Now, Hill is most famous for being a favorite designer of Jersey Shore’s trashy orange troll, Snooki. Great taste, Governor. You really know how to stay classy, don’t you?

Seriously, though. What the heck is Perry doing partying in New York when the people of Texas need him there? Never mind. It’s obvious. Money, donations, skinny chicks. Or…could it be Perry wanted to try on a few pieces for himself? After all, Perry wouldn’t be the first closeted cross-dresser in politics.

Whatever the case may be, Rick Perry needs to step back and take into consideration that he is still the governor of Texas, and that he still has a responsibility to his people. If he can’t be bothered to show a bit of support for the residents of his own state, do you really think he’s going to give a damn about the people of the United States as president?

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