Rick Perry for President in 2012: Does He Stand a Chance?

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Rick Perry has had one lengthy run as the Governor of the state of Texas, but he may soon be hoping to leave office, with speculation that he’ll soon be adding his name to the list of Republican Presidential candidates. After the disaster that was the last Governor of Texas who took up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue (George W. Bush, in case you’re not up on your history), one can’t help but wonder: does he stand a chance?

It’s honestly hard to say, at least according to most Americans. With Bush’s failings and low approval ratings still fresh on everyone’s minds, even staunch Republicans may be slow to warm to Rick Perry outside of the Austin Governor’s Mansion.

Rick Perry

Then again, he’s held his office in Texas for over ten years, making him the longest continuously serving United States Governor in history. With his shocking ability to get continually re-elected despite outspoken advocates against him, perhaps he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve that would prove worthy to a Presidential campaign?

What do you think of Rick Perry’s likely bid to run for President? Do you think he stands a chance?

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