Rick Perry Gives Job Creation Ideas: Prayer

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Texas Governor Rick Perry offered a solution today for the unemployment problem that is plaguing America: pray for it. The recently re-elected governor of the once prosperous Lone Star State prayed for an economic upturn for the American people during his controversial day of prayer today, titled “The Response,” where over 25,000 people filled Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The long-standing governor insisted the event was not about politics but still spent most of his speaking time on God and praying as the only solution to America’s economic problems.

Christian Prayers Fix All?

Lord, you are the source of everything good,” Mr. Perry said. “You are our only hope, and we stand before you today in awe of your power and in gratitude for your blessings…”

Although Perry said he would not talk about politics, he did address politics when he attempted to offer the only solution to date by the Republican Party to solve America’s Job crisis.

Where Are the Answers?

Whereas President Obama and many democratic leaders in Washington have made several suggestions to work on fixing America’s economic problems with a balance of cuts and increased revenue, the Republican Party, often labeled by its opponents as the “Party of No,” has stuck with the tradition in offering no new solutions.

America has a dying infrastructure and growing transportation issues, and fixing these problems can fix many things at once. If the U.S. can rebuild infrastructure, improve transportation and in doing so add jobs, people with jobs pay taxes, taxes adds revenue and the same people with jobs buy items with that money, again pay taxes on those items, and it is one big happy circle. If unemployment and underemployment are not fixed, then cuts are going to hurt and further depress the economic situation.

History Shows the Answer

Americans, funded by the American government, built a lot of America throughout its history. A lot of what America has now, even if in need of some serious repair, was mostly built during the years after the Great Depression and helped pull the country out of the worst economic crisis of their time.

America highways, railroads, state park structures were all examples of how the American government created jobs that bettered the country and helped put people back to work. Leaders understood that to fix the economy they, needed to create jobs, and once people had jobs, they could fuel the rest of the economy through paying taxes on payroll and purchases.

So, while Rick Perry is using prayer to find an answer, Americans should hope a history book falls into his hands and he can read about how earlier leaders fixed economic problems.

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