Rick Perry Goes Viral on YouTube

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Texas Governor Rick Perry released what has become the most-watched presidential campaign ad of the year, but it doesn’t necessarily bode well for his candidacy.

“Strong” is a television campaign ad that seems designed to provoke liberals. In it Governor Perry cites how unfair it is that homosexuals can serve openly in the military but Christian boys and girls can’t pray or celebrate Christmas in schools.

The video has generated 7.1 million views in the past week, but it isn’t because of Perry’s popularity among internet users. Countless spoofs and parodies have been created to make fun of the Texas republican, including a video with a butt superimposed on Perry’s face that farts when he speaks.

Governor Perry and his team have displayed an eagerness to utilize YouTube to increase his popularity, but so far it doesn’t seem to be working. At the moment, “Strong” has 22,340 “likes” and 689,605 “dislikes” on YouTube.

If Perry wins the Republican Primary, he better hope YouTube voters don’t show up at voting booths next November.

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