Rick Perry SNL Skit: The Real Debate Was Funnier (Video)

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After Perry’s embarrassing moment in November 9th’s GOP Debate, it’s not surprising that Saturday Night Live opened last night’s show with a Rick Perry SNL skit. And just to make sure all the bases were covered, they even included a segment in which Herman Cain defended himself for changing up his story in the sexual harassment accounts that have been circulating in the media.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Rick Perry’s impersonator delivered a rather unimaginative performance during the SNL skit. To be fair, Perry’s real-life performance was so funny that embellishing on it probably wouldn’t have been all that effective. In the video of the Rick Perry SNL skit, Perry’s impersonator delivered the classic brain fart moment. He tried to remember the three federal agencies that he plans to cut as president, but could only name Commerce and Education. The awkwardness that ensued as he tried to remember the third was almost identical to the actual Republican debate.

Governor Rick Perry

Is it the EPA?

The video even included the moment when Ron Paul joked that EPA was the third agency that Rick Perry wanted to cut (the actual department was energy). In the skit, however, Perry agreed it was the EPA and said Ron Paul had “birdie arms.” Then he started making up words, and filling the silence with ridiculous statements about zoos, parades, trains, and checking his blank notes for a clue. The other candidates were surprisingly sympathetic. “Rick Santorum” begged it to stop; Herman Cain got bug-eyed and offered up “vivid details” of the sexual harassment if the moment would mercifully end.

Finally, it looked like the subject would get changed, especially after Perry took off his suit jacket to reveal a dickie underneath. Upset, he said, “I can’t stay stuff good. The words, they don’t talk right.” “Mitt Romney” came to comfort him and played off the classic book by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men. Romney assumed the role of George Milton and talked to Rick Perry like he was Lennie Small, a man of “limited intellectual abilities.” Romney promised to let Perry tend the rabbits, and then he shot him. But the bullet bounced of Perry’s rubber head.

The Rick Perry SNL skit started out on safe ground, but quickly spiraled into territory that was just plain weird.

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