Rick Ross Murder Update: Is The Rapper Running a Trap House?

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Rick Ross is wanted for questioning in Miami after a man was found shot dead in front of the Maybach Music rapper’s home. Was it a planned hit or a drive by shooting?

Apparently, Ricky Rozay wasn’t home at the time but neighbors said his entourage stayed at the house every night. Oddly enough, the house isn’t a mansion like you’d expect a multimillionaire to own. It’s actually a one story home in what looks like a nondescript neighborhood.

This revelation has prompted some to say that Rick Ross is running a trap house (drug house) especially since it looks like it is in “the hood” and also because the man killed was known for trafficking cocaine.

Is Ricky Rozay hustling hard and trafficking drugs? Why else would he have this tiny house in what looks like a not so good area? Plus, he’s never in it, just his entourage is.

It all seems rather suspicious but then again no one really know the real details of what happened or what goes on at that house yet.

Check out the photo of the house here and then decide if it looks like a trap house to you.

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