Rick Ross Near Fatal Seizures Marijuana Related?

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Now that rap star Rick Ross is mercifully, hopefully out of danger and on the road to a full recovery after suffering 2 terrifying seizures, it is rumored that his health problems were drug related. Oddly enough, according to Media Takeout, the drug that reportedly caused the star’s violent physiological reaction was marijuana.

Although many people are blaming Rick Ross’ obesity for his medical problems, a so-called inside source, who is “a member of Ricky’s camp” says otherwise. the insider blames Ross’ near demise on a weed binge during which the singer allegedly smoked “at least 100 blunts.” Yikes. Is that even possible?

The insider, who prefers to “remain nameless” for obvious reasons, says that Rick Ross had a bad panic attack in the claustrophobia-inducing confines of the airplanes. That panic/anxiety attack was mistaken for a seizure. When he finally calmed down and fell asleep, he slept so soundly that his friends thought he’d stopped breathing and expired.

OK. Well, getting too stoned can cause people to feel panicked and claustrophobic, but is it possible to OD on grass? Seriously now. And again, is it possible to smoke 100 joints in succession? One would think, Ross would have passed out at about joint number 50 or 60. Just the deep breathing alone would have made him light-headed.

Some Rick Ross fans took definite exception the marijuana OD theory.

“It takes smoking a couple pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to overdose,” tweeted one. “yall just tryna be the first to make him look bad, yall have no sources…. dont be mad that tmz beats yall on all of the stories you post…”

“MTO,” posted another, “Ya’ll make me sick with your lies. Weed has and will NEVER cause seizures. STOP LYING. Get Well Soon Rozay…….!!!”

Others seemed to think it was at least possible, adding that Ross’s lifestyle was generally unhealthy.

“There are many causes for seizures,” wrote another. “From abnormal sodium intake, to drug use. If he smokes a lot of ‘blunts’ that is considered unhealthy because of the paper in the blunts has chemicals. Whatever happened, I hope he gets well and takes his health seriously. Tha “Boss” needs to hit the gym and get healthy.”

So, there you have it. Whatever the cause of Rick Ross’s illness, best wishes for his speedy recovery and his future good health and continued success.

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