Rick Steves Donates George W. Bush’s $1 Million Tax Cut to Arts Center

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Rick Steves is proving to the world that he isn’t greedy! Nope, not at all! Steves is worth a huge fortune and he’s making sure he gives back appropriately. In fact, the travel guru is donating his very own tax cuts to one of his hometown arts centers: The Edmonds Center for the Arts.

When questioned about his generosity, Rick Steves stated that he was hoping others who were as financially well off as he would also follow his lead and contribute. He also said he was shocked “that the tax burden on rich people has dropped while public funding for important local programs has been slashed.”

Steves stated that the tax cuts had began in 2001 when they were approved by former President George W. Bush. Since that time, the tax cuts have accumulated to more than just a few dollars and cents. They totaled an astonishing $1 million!

Of course, Steves is also a sensible man because he’s not just giving the money away to the arts center in lump sum. He’s made sure that the building will be given 10 annual gifts of $100,000. It looks like a true win-win situation for everyone involved.

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