Ricki Lake Goes Dark and Short with New Hair Style

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Women like to change their hair; and talk show host Ricki Lake is no exception. However, her latest “do” is very different from anything she’s tried before. This time around, Ricki went with a short, blunt haircut and dyed her tresses even darker.

Lake decided to début her new look with her show episode entitled, “It’s All About the Hair”. Viewers will get a chance to ogle the new style tomorrow when that episode airs. Then they can decide for themselves if they approve of the big change.

Lake says the show is a nod to something she did during her old show in the ’90s. During one episode, she got a member of her audience to help her introduce an interesting topic. She had the person say, “you can keep the man, but not the wig,” while pulling off Ricki’s hairpiece.

The show had to do with wives and mistresses. It was a classic Lake topic for that era.

While Ricki’s moved on and now provides many less controversial topics for her show, don’t assume she won’t pull a stunt or two before the year’s over. After all, she’s Ricki Lake and people still enjoy that semi-raunchy style of entertainment. Anyone doubting that should just ask Maury Povich.

As for the look, it’s intriguing and modern, but is it really Ricki? Take a look here and sound off with your opinion in the space provided below.

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