Ricki Lake, Nancy Grace Weight Loss on ‘DWTS’ Impressive

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Both Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake are experiencing weight loss as they dance their way toward the Dancing with the Stars finals. They must be incredibly pleased with the pounds they have shed while learning to dance.

Ricki Lake, Nancy Grace Weight Loss on 'DWTS' ImpressiveFor her part, Nancy Grace’s goal was not to lose weight, but that hasn’t stopped her from losing 23 pounds so far during her tenure on the show. If she makes it to the finals, she plans to wear a leotard. As long as it’s not booze and hotpants, viewers will be okay.

Ricki Lake’s goal was to lose weight before shopping for her wedding dress, and so far she has lost 20 pounds. There is no doubt she will be thrilled when it comes time to find the dress of her dreams.

The women aren’t the only ones who have great weight loss on DWTS, either. Both Rob Kardashian and Chaz Bono experienced weight loss this season.

While it’s obviously tough to keep up an active lifestyle after leaving Dancing with the Stars, hopefully losing the weight will be a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle for all the contestants like it seemed to be for Kirstie Alley last year. Nancy Grace is probably getting close to the end of her time on the show while everybody fully expects to see Ricki Lake in the finals.

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