Ricki Lake Voices Opinion About Natural Childbirth

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Ricki Lake has been a known (and major) proponent of natural childbirth for years, since far before it was the new “craze”. Here she opens up about the ways in which it has changed her (and other people’s) life, as well as her well known documentary film on the topic, The Business of Being Born.

The film, which premiered back in 2008 (but became more known in 2009 after a limited market release initially), gives an inside look at midwives and the women who opt to use them instead of traditional doctors. It also chronicles Ricki Lake’s own home birth experience – a huge motivation behind why she is so vocal about the benefits of natural childbirth.

As for those who aren’t proponents of the natural, home birth, midwife “movement”, Ricki Lake understands where they’re coming from.

I do understand that presenting alternatives to the status quo can make people defensive, but for me this has always been about more women having positive birth experiences. If that idea is controversial, then that says something sad about our birth culture.”

Ricki Lake by David Shankbone

What do you think about the message Ricki Lake is trying to spread about childbirth? Whether you’re with her or against her when it comes to having natural, at-home births, do you appreciate her educating the public on their options?

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